Finding A Strong Group

Finding A Strong Group

When I speak to men who are restaurant owners, my advice is to find a group if you still need one. Any group will do. Restaurant owners in companies have a variety of different business and personality demands. They need cogs with strong understanding to make things happen. So, find a group leader before you start outreach and counseling others.

The group leader should have an honor code. The group leader should do a good job of processing the members’ questions. They should have diverse skills. You need to make sure all are on the same page. If you are having trouble making people step up for training or ensuring good direction, you probably shouldn’t even take your restaurant group into business together.

Setting up a group is the best way to get people to join your business. Showing you know what you are doing. Walking in and setting things on the same page as you and training people without pulling people apart or making the team feel like two and two makes for a great program.

A couple more points: Give awards. Host a “house party.” Make distributes.

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